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Design & Planning Services - Project Management

M.J. Smith provides a comprehensive project management service. This encompasses the complete spectrum of the construction process, ensuring efficient and effective site progress and optimum delivery quality and timing.

Outlined below are services we offer relevant to the construction and finishing phases:

  1. Ensuring all preliminaries are in order and mobilisation is instructed for all earth moving, shaping, drainage and finishing equipment to arrive at optimum intervals, in line with contract schedules. To ensure all relevant CDM regulations and H&S requirements are in place and adhered to.
  2. Scheduling, overseeing and managing all phases including: Setting out, clearance works, topsoil removal and storage, cut and fill exercises, borrow pits and lake construction, landfill placement & shaping, shaping of greens, tees, bunkers, swales and general earth contouring, drainage works, greens construction, topsoil reinstatement and finishing works. Ensuring all phases are completed on time.
  3. Quantifying and purchasing of materials, ensuring all products meet the required specification, arrive at optimum times in line with works phasing and in the correct quantities at the very best prices.
  4. Setting out of the site to provide the correct positioning of all features including, greens, tees, bunkers and drainage lines etc. and to ensure all levels/falls are constructed as per plan or on site revisions.
  5. To ensure all construction processes are to exacting architect or industry specification.
  6. To ensure all topsoil is reinstated to optimum depths, and that correct cultivations and finishing procedures are implemented to produce fine workable tilths and even surface contouring. To advise on and oversee the use of ideal seed cultivars to maximise establishment and produce excellent swards.
  7. We also have the provision to advise on all grow-in procedures to aid in achieving the best possible quality in the optimum time. This will allow the site to be ready for opening at the earliest opportunity.

In conclusion, M.J. Smith are able to arrange every requirement and fulfil every obligation, achieving the highest standards available in the industry today, ensuring a smooth process along the way!

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